Glad to have the opportunity to participate in the book sharing event for Mr. Tony S. Hsu’s new book, Chasing the Modern. After reading, I was captivated by Mr. Hsu Chih-mo’s writing and talents again. It reminded me of the date with poetry. I have been studying in Beijing for three years. And with a different feeling arose spontaneously, lots of thoughts sprang up. So I picked up my pen to write them down.

Chasing The Light

Yearning, yearning for the sparkle of neon lights outside,

The Brave mounts his lame blind horse.

In pursuit, in pursuit——

Habituating, habituating to the flickering campfire at night,

People gather round with hoarse tired expressions.

Frittering away, frittering away——

I wander among the chaotic crowds,

Followers of The Brave come towards me:

"Why don't you chase that sparkling neon lights?

Are you content with just this dim fire?"

Why in rush? Why to chase?

I close my eyes and I see the stars.